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What is Operation Weed Eradication?

Operation Weed Eradication aims to drive mindshift toward pigweed eradication goal incorporating holistic practices for longevity and sustainability of your farming operation.


One pigweed is one too many

Herbicide-resistant pigweed, specifically Palmer amaranth and waterhemp, are a major economic issue for U.S. farmers. These weed species can grow rapidly, producing large amounts of seeds, allowing them to compete with row crops for nutrients, moisture, and sunlight. This gives them the potential to cause yield loss and devalue farms — ultimately threatening the legacy of an operation.



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Farmer Journey Fields

See how farmers are changing their approach

We've partnered with some of our corn, soy, cotton, and rice farmers in the south and midwest to share their experience as they address resistant pigweed on-farm. Learn how their practices are evolving and the challenges they are overcoming in their fight against resistant pigweed.


We're changing the landscape of weed eradication

Pigweed Eradication 101


A series to help gain a deeper understanding of the most challenging weeds.