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Inspiring an eradication mindshift throughout the industry

Operation Weed Eradication's coalition of industry leaders aims to provide resources and oppritunities for agriculture to adopt a pigweed eradication mindset. Through of a shared understanding of the threat of waterhemp and Palmer amaranth, we can move towards eradicating pigweed on farm.

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Raven Industries Hosts Ag Retailer Event and Highlights Operation Weed Eradication

Raven Industries hosted 55 ag retailers during its two-day IGNITE event, which was filled with interactive breakout sessions and social events, providing a great opportunity for customers to learn more about industry best practices, new technology solutions and gain input from Raven leadership. The interactive session also continued to build awareness around the Operation Weed Eradication initiative and the role of precision application technologies in eliminating problem pigweed on farm through coalition discussion and an engaged Q&A session.

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