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Led by BASF, Operation Weed Eradication, a US based initiative is supported by a coalition of industry leaders and weed scientists with one goal: providing our farmers the relevant tools, insights and information to help battle resistant pigweed on farm. This coalition brings to the table relevant expertise across crop protection, equipment, precision agriculture and academic knowledge that support each of our three building blocks of pigweed eradication. By bringing together this coalition and engaging in a dialogue with our farmers and the industry, we can change our approach to eradication mindset toward problem pigweed in key row crops and drive lasting results.

Mission/Purpose of Coalition

Our mission is to drive awareness in the farming community that the key way to minimize the scale of future challenges and yield loss from pigweed is through adopting an eradication mindset. We strive to both inspire and empower our farmers and solution providers to adopt a holistic weed control approach by providing relevant tools, identifying opportunities across our three core building blocks and bringing together actionable insights from our subject matter experts.


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