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Driving a change in mindset

Operation Weed Eradication is a BASF-led, industry-wide initiative driving a zero tolerance, eradication mindset toward problem pigweed species waterhemp and Palmer amaranth from key U.S. row crops, including corn, soybeans, cotton, and rice, to help improve farmers’ outcomes.

The Coalition

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Cultural & Mechanical

With the goal of on-farm pigweed eradication, it is important to incorporate cultural practices that give the crop a competitive advantage over pigweed as well as mechanical practices that disrupt weed seed germination and can eliminate plant tissue. By putting these types of tools to good use, the number of weeds left to control chemically are reduced, alleviating some of the selection pressure from use of herbicides alone.

Narrow Rows

Allows for faster canopy development and reduces sunlight to weed seeds

Cover Crops

Suppress weed growth by smothering weeds


Crop Rotation

Allows different herbicides and control practices to be used to control weeds

Tillage and Cultivation

Moves weed seed below the germination zone or uproots emerged weeds


Chemical Control and Traits

Effective herbicides are an essential part of any robust weed control program, but the herbicide tools available are contingent on the trait package selected. Trait platform selection not only determines options for crop performance but also unlocks the available herbicide options for selected fields.


The appropriate herbicide-tolerant trait platform for your problem weeds

Complete Program

Add in residuals with pre and post herbicide applications


Multiple, effective sites of action to prevent resistance

Proper Application

Target small weeds and optimize nozzle and spray parameters

Eradication Diligence

The last weed standing is the most important, most capable and the most genetically resistant weed on the farm. An eradication mindset means going the extra mile to take out the last weed standing before it produces seed.

Non-Crop Areas

Managing field edges, ponds and ditches to prevent weed seed production

Hand Rogueing

Hand rogueing weed escapes to prevent seeds from entering the soil seed bank

Clean Equipment

Harvest cleaner fields first to prevent weed seed spread