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Journey Fields Farmers

Heath Whitmore

Farm Name: Full Quiver Farms
Location: St. Charles, Arkansas
Crops: Corn, Soybean, Rice



Heath is a fourth-generation farmer, born and raised in St. Charles, Arkansas. He began farming on his own after graduating college in 2000. It wasn’t much longer until that when he and his Dad combined operations, where they worked together for 17 years. When his dad retired, Heath took over the entire operation and has been running it ever since.


Why did you join Operation Weed Eradication?

“We’re just managing pigweed. I’m looking forward to seeing if we can turn this thing the other way.”

2022 Season

Harvest Season

Timely rains and the right control practices helped Heath move his farm one step closer to weed eradication. 

Early Season

After a good start, Heath focused on high pressure areas. His plan helped him stay diligent against weed escapes on field edges, ditches and cross levels.

2021 Season

Harvest Season

Early canopy is one approach farmers can easily incorporate to address pigweed hotspots.

Early Season

Early season planning can help you get the leg up on pigweed.

2020 Season

Early Season

Early diligence can help hold a pigweed population down.

Mid Season

Diligence means being proactive in preventing a future full of challenges.

Harvest Season

Weed eradication is a year-long mindset and doesn’t stop at harvest.

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