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Journey Fields Farmers

Jay Ray Sagesar

Farm Name: Jay Ray Ranch
Location: Cotton Center, Texas
Crops: Cotton, Milo, Corn



Jay’s farm is a family operation based in Cotton Center, Texas, where multiple branches on both sides of the family have farmed since 1892. As a sixth-generation cotton farmer, Jay is dedicated to making sure the operation stays sustainable so it can keep going for a seventh generation and beyond.


Why did you join Operation Weed Eradication?

“Pigweed is our largest concern…We have to make sure our weed eradication program is top-notch.”

2022 Season

Harvest Season

In a year plagued by drought, Jay Ray did everything from stacking cover crops to hand-hoeing, in order to control weeds in his fields. 

Early Season

For Jay Ray, keeping weeds out of the field meant keeping them guessing by rotating herbicide chemistries as he rotated his crops.

2021 Season

Harvest Season

Clean equipment prevent weed seeds, branches, and debris from contaminating other fields.

Early Season

Cater your chemical program to best handle pigweed on farm.

2020 Season

Early Season

Stopping young pigweeds can help reduce seed count and alleviates pressure.

Mid Season

Diligence means being proactive in preventing a future full of challenges.

Harvest Season

Don’t ignore what harvest can teach you about your plan’s effectiveness.

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