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Tim Couser

Farm Name: Greenfield Farms
Location: Nevada, Iowa
Crops: Corn, Soybean



Tim Couser of Nevada, Iowa is a third-generation farmer still working the family farm. Besides raising the typical corn and soybeans, he dedicates a good portion of his acres to seed corn, seed beans and sorghum, which he harvests and bales for his dad’s cattle operation.


Why did you join Operation Weed Eradication?

"Our goal is to make the message of weed resistance more prevalent because we just feel if we don't do it, we all as farmers are going to make mistakes that near-term don't hurt us. But long term are very severe." 

2022 Season

Harvest Season

With fall tillage and efficient burndown in the spring, Tim had the practices in place for effective weed control. 

Early Season

Time was ticking for weeds with Tim's soybean pre-emergence herbicide program. And his plan for seed corn leveraged both cultivation and chemistry to keep weeds in check.

2021 Season

Harvest Season

A multitool approach of chemistry and traits can help herbicides remain effective over the long haul.

Early Season

Understand when and how to implement cover crops to best affect weed control.

2020 Season

Early Season

Layering residuals is an affordable and effective way to minimize damage.

Mid Season

Understanding the weed’s extended emergence period provides better control.

Harvest Season

Know your options going into next season by reviewing current harvest information.

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